Search Gift Registries

Search public gift registries using the search form below

Set Up a Gift Registry

To set up a gift registry, first login to your account or register a new account. Next, find the products you would like to add to your registry and click the “Add to Registry” link above the product description. As you create your registry you will be able to choose whether to make it private, public or shared:

  • Private – Only you will be able to see the registry
  • Public – Anyone will be able to search for your registry using the above search form
  • Shared – You will need to copy the link to your registry and give it to anyone you want to see the registry.

Make sure you give your address to anyone who you share the registry with so they know where to send your gifts.

Your Registries

You can view any registries you have set up on the my registries page or in your account.