It’s A Girl Banner Kit

Made by Thimblepress

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This banner kit includes 8 letterpress alphabet cards (letters I, T, S, A, G, I, R, L), a bundle of vintage yarn to hang the letters from, and hand-dyed clothing pins to hold the letters in place. Each letter is printed by hand using a 1925 Chandler + Price platen letterpress.

biodegradable cardboard
Made in Jackson, MS

About the Brand+

Mississippi artist Kristen Ley started Thimblepress in 2011 with the purchase of a 1925 Chandler & Price letterpress and a whole lot of passion and talent for arts and crafts. Since then she has been spreading her creative wings in sewing, woodworking, letterpress and design. SCOUT carries Thimblepress’s “It's A Girl and It's A Boy Banner Kits” (package of letters, vintage strings and hand dyed pins); “Gender Reveal Push-Pop Confetti” (pink or blue confetti); and a print from the series inspired by Disney’s “it's a small world”® ride (printed on archival paper using archival inks).